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Are you looking for Good Doctor or school or daycare for your kid?
Don't you think that there should be a website in modern era to cater all the needs of your 'Praised and Pampered' child?   
Would you like to have a single platform with stunning facilities for your growing child?
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created with the moto to provide happy and healthy life to kids in modern fast pace life.
Here we areTeam Pranpa

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Bright Future

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Before jumping to features by Pranpa Let us see "What are the basic needs of a growing child?"

The basic step which serves as elementary milestones in child's growth start from day of birth till the age of 5 years

#Daily Basic Needs in Parenting

1New Parents learning what to do and when?

2Neonatal for new born

3Pediatricians to get vaccination for Healthy life ahead

#First step out in society

4Daycare and Creche


6Formal School

7Hobbies and Art Classes

We have it all...
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And enjoy the beautiful
roller Coaster
ride of growing together with your Little Kid

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