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Pranpa-Rx helps you in managing your clinic data and organize it so you can focus on what matters to you. Different Features like Online Appointment Booking, Vaccination Reminder etc, help you to stay in the know, increase your visibility, and push your business further.


Pranpa-Rx is a Pediatrican Management System. It is best class software designed specially for Pediatrician with the help of Pediatricians. Use it for

  • Give Prescription anytime , anywhere while away from your clinic
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  • Track your clinic Progress in Graphs and charts using BI Analytics
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  • Get Appointments Booking online and increase you reach
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  • Always remain in between Parents by contributing Articles.
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  • Track all your Bill History, Prescription History, Vaccination History and Much more.


Pranpa-Rx have lots of feature to ease your working and get recognized.


See your clinic Progress with Number of Appointments, Earnings,Sales and much more.

Vaccination and Appointment Calendar

Track the calendar to check the Vaccination Pending and appointment slots.


Remind the parents of there vaccination and appointments and don't let them skip the date.

Pharmacy Integration

Easily integrate and manage your Pharmacy

Inventory Management

Manage your clinic Inventory

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