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Indoor Games-Part 1
2018-05-19 3461 Views

Indoor Games-Part 1

Indoor Games


Summer vacation has started. Full time fun for kids. But with scorching heat outside, any outdoor plan goes for a toss. activities are the only way to kill time at home. Well it can be seen as an opportunity to have quality time with kids and fill this time with parent-child bonding activities.

Here are few interesting indoor game ideas:


  1. Balance Beam


Things Needed:

*        Clean floor, Colored mask tapes (3-4 minimum)

*        Clear space on floor and stick out straight line (beams) using mask tapes. Make one lines of each color of length somewhere near 1-2m

*        Define rules for each color like walk on Red beam hold right ear with left hand or walk on blue line with one hand raised in air


Quick Tip: Toss chits to choose which color to walk and challenge to be taken


  1. Listen out loud


Things Needed:

*        Household Item.

*        Collect few items with unique sound like bottle, comb, toy cars, steel glass, spoon or anything you think has unique sound

*        Now ask them to turn around, no cheating allowed, and ask make sound with one of the object


Quick Tip: Select more than 10 objects to make it game more interesting


  1. Indoor bowling


Things Needed:

*        Thermacol or plastic glasses, ball

*        Stack up glass to make pyramid


  1. Hide n Seek


Things Needed:

*        Child proof space

*        Mark out the area permitted for the game

*        Ask everyone else tohide in the permitted area


  1. Board Games


Things Needed:

*        Any board game available

*        This is most ancient game played from the time you were kids. Play game as per the rules of game.