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Ensuring Safe Diwali for Kids
2018-11-04 3610 Views

Ensuring Safe Diwali for Kids


Ensuring Safe Diwali for Kids

As Diwali is forthcoming and everyone is ready to enjoy the festival of Lightning. With bright shining lights all around, the celebrations and noise of the crackers, your little ones get attracted. Seeing the sparkles all around your child want to see it again and again and eventually wants to touch it. But to make it safe Diwali and carry on the festive mood below are some safety tips to keep in mind

?        Always keep an eye on your kids: Firecrackers, candles, diyas all are dangerous and can harm your kids. Make sure that your kids are supervised when lightning crackers never leave them unattended. Make sure they don't put eyes while lightning 'Anar' or extending hand away from face while enjoying  phuljhari'

?        Lightning: Do proper lightning of diyas, candles and LEDs away from kids. Do not light them in passageways or near to cloth like curtains, sofa fabric etc.

?        Always be prepared: It's best to be ready for any unwanted circumstances. Always keep a bucket of water handy. Don't let your kids go to the half burnt cracker. Pour water above them so that they get extinguish properly. Also keeping blanket ready can avoid big mis-happenings

?        Tell kids about safety: Give proper instruction to kids before Diwali about candle, diya lightning and bursting of firecrackers. Indulge them more in decorating, making rangoli rather them focusing on firecrackers

?        Ensure proper clothing: Diwali is festival to flaunt new and fancy clothes but limit them to poojas only. Avoid flowing clothes because they are much susceptible to catching fire. Clothes like ghaghra, sherwanis are good to have pictures in it but while bursting crackers wear body fitted cotton clothes.

?        Look for proper surroundings: Always choose the place which is away from electric poles, vehicles or dry grass. Burst firecracker in open air with lots of space to run.

?        Buy sweet and crackers from reputed shop: Always buy sweets and crackers from reputed shop to avoid food poisoning and unwanted bad gunpowder that your kid will breathe in. Also it will help in saving environment.

?        Keep them away from smoke and noise: Poisonous smoke and loud noise from crackers are not good for the young toddlers, keep them away from it. Such things may impact their development or even hurt their hearing.

?        Keeping others safety also in mind: Teach your kids the safety of other persons too, like passerby or visitors. Teach them not to through firecrackers or others stuff on them. Do not let your kids experiment with them by keeping the firecracker under glass bottle and bursting them.

?        Environment friendly: Always teach your kids on how to celebrate environment friendly Diwali. Making it green Diwali. Teach them the after effects of Diwali and how pollution will impact us.

Wishing you all happy and safe Diwali from Pranpa Family.