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Fitness Matters
2020-01-11 3818 Views

Fitness Matters




"Yourbody can stand almost anything but you have to convince your mind for that"


Physically fitand healthy lifestyle translates into a happy life. It is the childhood phase,that lays ground for a healthy lifestyle.

Kids needrigorous and continuous physical exercise to build strength, coordination, andconfidence. In today's world, where kids are technologically more advanced anddependent than the older generations, the need to pay close attention to theirhealth and fitness becomes very important for the parents.

As a parent,one must ensure to make their child understand how a fit body contributes tooverall development of personality. A fit and healthy child has:

*        Stronger bones

*        Increased concentration

*        Balanced weight

*        Strong immune system

*        Sharper mind

*        Healthier metabolism 

Kids are into aregular exercise mode, even if they don't realize. They might be doingsomething as simple as collecting stones in the garden, or be playing akickball match at school, they are exercising. As a parent, all you need is tomotivate them and create more scenarios for them to stay involved in physicalactivities daily.

5simple routine steps that can help you stay fit:

*        Be active.

*        Pick water over other alternatives, each time!

*        Include more vegetables and fruits.

*        Reduce time spent on mobile/ TV

*        Play more.


Taking smallsteps each day can do wonders. So, go out make friends, play, and volunteer!Stay healthier and happier. Yep, that's the mantra to excel.