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5 Baby Sleeping Myths Busted
2018-04-07 3739 Views

5 Baby Sleeping Myths Busted

Sleeps Well!! Grows well!!

5 Baby Sleeping Myths Busted


Myth: You can control Babies sleep

Fact: New-born babies sleep around20-22hrs in a day. They wake up when they are hungry or wet or sick or some othernormal cues

Myth: Baby can sleep on any side theywant

Fact: It is recommended to liedown baby on their back to reduce risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Do notput them on their side and stomach

Myth: Swaddling baby? ?Who doesthat in modern time?

Fact: Swaddling, if done properly,has very soothing and relaxing impact on babies. It helps baby have a goodsound sleep

Myth: Baby awake at night, meansbaby is hungry

Fact: Though at times baby wake upfrom their sweet dream sleep because of hunger, but not always. There can be multiplereasons like, baby is sick, unpleasant, wet, feeling hot or cold had too muchor too little day sleep. If you feed your baby every time they wake up atnight, you might be over-feeding them. Other than hunger look for other possibilitiesas well

Myth: Babies get afraid of dark

Fact: Babies come out of womb, which is darkand noisy, they are habitual to dark. They feel safer in dark and have a goodsleep. If you can have white sound playing, louder than baby?s cry, can helpthem in calming down easily.