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Soothing techniques
2018-04-07 3492 Views

Soothing techniques

Soothing Method


Before talking about soothing techniques for babies, let us first understand?


What does soothing means for babies??


Babies stay in womb for 9 months. It is the safest and most soothing place for them. It is dark, noisy and moving or swaddling most of the time. Definitely there is no light inside mother's body, so it is dark inside. Noise inside the womb is higher than sound of vacuum cleaner or car engine. And as the mother moves, womb moves along with her, and so does the baby.

Any situation which can be similar to the environment inside the womb, like dark surrounding, white noise and good swaddle will anytime make your baby like home (safe womb). If you can provide them womb like stimulation, baby will calm down easily.

Here are few tested soothing methods:

1.    Breast feeding:

Nothing can be more natural and soothing for your baby then breast feeding. New-born get cranky when hungry, breastfeeding can calm them down

2.    CarRide:

The rhythm of moving car along with noise of car engine and outside gives baby the required setup to calm down and sleep

3.    Swaddle in Arm:

This is most ancient and tested technique. If swaddled properly, baby feels much relaxed and stays calm

4.    Skin to skin:

Skin to skin gives warmth to baby and they feel loved. Trick is it works best with fathers

5.    White Noise:

Sound of vacuum cleaner, hair drier, dish washer or sound available on white noise app, help calming down crying baby

6.    Sing:

Singing lullaby or some other song can help your baby to relax. You need not to be great singer for that matter, some rhythm and lyrics can do the trick

7.    Shushing:

Shushing loudly near baby's ear can help them stop crying and being cranky.

8.    Bath with mild warm water:

Bath relaxes babies and provides them comfort, but make sure never leave your baby unattended

9.    Eye contact

Eye contact with you little ones makes them feel connected and loved. It gives them more human touch and comfort

10.   Bum pat

Hold your baby against your chest and swaddle a little with patting on the bum. You can pat little hard or even harder if diaper is on


All the above techniques may or may not work at all the times. This does not make your baby a bad child or you a bad parent. Every baby is different and needs different treatment. And being mother/father you are the best person to understand their style best. If your baby is more cranky and restless than normal, please watch for symptoms like is baby sick or uncomfortable or too hot/cold or any other reason.


Happy Parenting!!!